BudMan is our Budgeting & Financial Management Software.

We have developed a full Budgeting Software system for Hospitals and Municipal Governments. The BUDMAN ™ system is presently used by a number of regional hospitals in Canada and the City of Grande Prairie. Our software typically supports annual customer budgets of 200 million – with our largest installation operating with annual budget exceeding 400 million dollars.

The budget database in BUDMAN is completely detail supported. The capability offers an exceptional degree of accuracy and a valuable resource for budget review. A number of powerful reporting tools are provided. The report writer integrates a eight level, user defined reporting sequencing/groups to provide the ultimate in flexibility. Reporting on key indicators are controlled by you – BUDMAN provides the report results required.

The Staffing Worksheet module facilitates complete Salary Budget preparation using a parameter driven Monday through Sunday scheduling system. Plan the day, night and evening schedules for each Job Code (Classification) by Department (Cost Centre) with automatic calculation of replacement, premium and other earnings. Staffing Worksheets interface directly to the Salary Budget Module.

BUDMAN has also achieved it’s goal of becoming a Department Entry system in an entirely table-driven database environment. The Complement Control Module completes the circle of support for effective management control.