This module provide cube builder control using standard cube templates.  The templates have been designed with the user community.  They provide an efficient method of delivery within a very short timeframe.  Cubes integrate various source data which is integrated with user managed reporting trees.  This results in a delivery tool is available across the organization, in a timely and secure manner.


Cube Viewer

Multi Level Data (Cubes) has the ability to display cube data as a tree data grid. This allows users the ability to look at their data from various viewpoints.

Multi Level Data Bar Charts has the ability to create charts that change on every data row selected.  Users have the ability to dynamically change the reporting groups and series.

First Level Drilldown

First level drilldown

This sample displays Payroll data summarized into the General Ledger actuals.  If there is a second source for the GL data, another drill option exists to expand that to its original source – Payroll detail actuals in this case.  The next drill screen demonstrates this feature.

 Second Level Drilldown

Second Level drilldown

Payroll detailed line items expanded from GL actuals drill.

In additional to the formal cube viewer, a Sandbox viewer allows users the ability to work with the same data in an open format. The sandbox offers dynamic grouping and filtering.