ESM is a Business Intelligence and Performance Management Software package.

Worldsoft ™ provides comprehensive data warehousing and reporting tools that cover every aspect of a practical and affordable management solution. End user tools are readily available organization-wide upon implementation. The technical tools leverage your existing investments by consolidating key data sources (internal & external) into a unified standard data sharing environment in a timely and efficient manner. The entire process can be totally automated.

Dashboard Manager ™
Decision Makers utilize the Dashboard Manager ™ which provides seamless access across your entire organization to valued, timely information. Dashboards present overall summaries in a visually rich interface, highlighting comparisons to Key Performance Indicators (KPI’s) while maintaining links to underlying data for exploration.
Executive Support Manager ™
ESM ™ manages all cube data formatting and presentation including data in grid or graphic format. Users examine their operation from various perspectives using “Views”. Data presentation takes advantage of user driven reporting trees to ensure the views reflect your organization or management direction. Simple or custom filtering, drilldown fully supported. For a totally fluid interface, take advantage of the latest Sandbox feature which allows drag and drop totalling, filtering and dynamic column selections.

ESM – A new data intelligence tool for your business intelligence needs.

ESM is inexpensive to acquire, quick to operate, and requires minimal ongoing maintenance.

Your benefit is a visible ocean of data from the surface issue to the depth of the matter.

Our advantage is simplicity. It’s simple to install, to distribute, and to use.

  • Quick access to key success factors! – (no waiting)
  • Key success factors at the click of a mouse! – (no complex syntax)
  • Easily distributable! – (give the system to as many users as desired)
  • Exportable! – (can format to Excel and other desirable tools)
  • Easy to learn! – (you don’t need an extensive user manual)
  • Secure! – (only those allowed will see the results)
  • Ad-hoc! – (user may decide the results they see)

Tell us what you want to see, and we will make it visible – visible to the depth you desire. What will amaze you is how fast we can make it happen, and how easy it will be for you to continue to make it happen!

Too often data warehouses are data where-houses, for although the information is secured, it is not easily or readily available. ESM can be your organizations one source for easily and dynamically retrievable data. ESM is to results review what spreadsheets were to end-user computing.

ESM will gather information from many different sources on a regularly scheduled basis. Once gathered the information is available through a formal report writer or by ‘custom’ query where users’ specify exactly what they with to review. The information may be financial, or non-financial. ESM will make it all available at the point of a mouse.

For summarized data, ESM allows point and click expansion of the underlying layers of information. This powerful feature will make operation level data available to whomever the organization defines as appropriate for review of the information. Imagine the change for your business – from attempting to find the information, to defining who within the organization is appropriate to review any given level of information!
Professional Report Manager ™
The integrated reporting utilizes a template approach for ease of writing, accessing powerful features in a simplified, easy to use format. Supports multi-level, simple or complex 3-D output. The latest super tree module support complex government or specialized reporting, allow control at complex account levels.
Statistics Manager ™
Statistics may be entered or imported. This data can be managed as daily or by general ledger period. Reporting data is normally frozen and adjustments made to subsequent periods.

Data Validation & Transformation
Our tool kit includes flexible interfaces to data sources along with robust audit processes to ensure sound, consistent data.

Import Manager ™
The fully featured The Import Manager offers interactive, step-by-step, visual responses to assist in building scripts and manage audit processes.
Data Shuttle Manager ™
The Data Shuttle Manager ™ can operate interactively or unattended in fully-automated mode. A fully automated job run will run all importing, data validation, data staging, normalized tables, and finally all reporting cube and dashboard builds. (Typically run at non-peak business periods)
Data Exchange Manager ™
This product was specifically created to enter data into the Meditech system. It can be programmed to enter data like an operator in an automated form.
Data Sources
General Ledger
Human Resources
Accounts Receivable
Accounts Payable
Materiel Management

Management Objectives
Key Performance Indicators

Industry Performance Indicators
Regional standards
Peer comparators
Provincial standards
Local, regional or provincial comparators
Any other related external data