The Information Management Portal integrates all modules within our .NET environment.  This includes all infrastructure items along with the end user interfaces.  By consolidating everything into one platform, we are able to provide a consistent interface for all activities.  This includes items like applying component filtering, database ranges, printing and exporting.  Whether you license all components or just a select few, the management platform offers a baseline of support which is required for all levels of business uses.


Code Tables

User Friendly Interface is a feature-rich office inspired windows system that was designed to be as practical as possible.

Multi-language Application was built from the ground up to be used as a multi-language application. It is capable of being translated into any language and has the ability for system administrators to update virtually any objects label, button, column, etc


System has row level security implemented through roles and security levels. All objects can be individually controlled for viewing or data entry.


Tutorial Videos

Our new platform provides a wide range of Video tutorials geared to various roles within the organization.  A sample list follows:

Navigation Overview
Changing Password
Data Grid Overview
Tree Grid Overview
Database Filter Overview
Presets Overview
Run Reports
View Source Data
Report Writer
Cube Viewer – Tree
Cube Viewer – Sandbox
Cube Viewer – Drill Down
Score Card Viewer
Cube Management Overview
Cube Copy
Score Card Management
Code Tables
GL Account Translation
Drill Management
Statistics Management
Score Card Indicators
Reporting Groups
Super Tree
User Cross Tabs
User Maintenance
User Active Directory
System Messages
Column Formats
Manage System Colors/Styles
Process Scheduler