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How to Add Missing Benefits to Salary Record

1.3.0 October 23 2019

  1. Importing Employer Benefits for an employee are done for the initial load / rollover for active employees (non-vacant)  Link: New Year Roll Over Process
  2. If something was missed at importing load time, another load can be done to append missing
  3. If user creates a salary record manually, then no benefits are automatically created.
  4. If they use smart clone feature, then the benefits of the record being copied will automatically follow (even if different source cost centre)

  5. If there is no similar record available, then they can use Salary Budget Utilities  C. Page 3 Add or Remove Earning Benefits.  Specify what needs to be added to what group and add it that way.  Utility will not create a duplicate if they overlap.

  6. We added a specific employee in the middle set of filters as an option (so can target specific employees)

  7. Very last option is to add benefit records manually.