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General Ledger Budget
The GL Budget module, primary module for budgeting non-compensation operating budgets. Most other budget modules use the GL Budget module as the destination for their calculation results.

Budget Activity

Budget Activity is the budget approval system. Primarily used when managers are performing budget entry and they forward their budgets for approval. Works via a user-defined hierarchy for approval levels.

Budget Reason Activity

GL Budget Utilities
Utilities dealing with data manipulation and tables related to the GL Budget module.

GL Budget/Forecast Overview
Provides an at-a-glance review of multiple budget versions.

GL Budget Accounting Periods
Controls configuration of pay periods through a fiscal year, and how values in various pay period accrue to GL periods.

Distribution and Assignments
Module that contains definitions for all distribution codes and the assignment on compensation and non-compensation account combinations.

Holds allocation code which can then be assigned to employees or non-compensation lines to disburse centrally budgeted costs to varying cost centre and secondary accounts.

Dictionary for configuration inflation percentage rates by account ranges

Trial Balance
Contains all rules for creating a properly audited trial balance for ministry submission.

GL Account Translation
Translation table for converting cost centre/secondary combinations to other accounts. Used by certain routines for reporting or export.

GL Account Mapping

Budget Audit
Performs audit check over the entire budget and provides a listing of errors and warnings.

Budget Control and Forecast
This module controls data load into the GL Budget’s user columns, as well as provides formula-based adjustment to the GL Budget.

Budget Driver
Provides a mechanism for loading underlying data drivers to the user columns by account combination.

Trend Analysis
Shows data values and underlying percentage change for actual data, pull from the ESM module data tables.

Driver Based Financial Planning

Salary Budget
Primary module for compensation budgets. Data is typically loaded and calculated at the individual employee level.

Salary Budget Review
Provides several summary functions for looking at different states of the salary budget.

Salary Budget Utilities
Utilities dealing with data manipulation and tables related to the Salary Budget module.