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Capital Assets

??? 1/30/23

A: Assets Master
Current state of asset, depreciation/book value to specific date

Clone Row – create a new record using details from current record selected.

Asset Master Column Descriptions

B: Asset Depreciation Schedule

Asset Depreciation Schedule, by asset by period, optional allocated depreciation cost centre

Asset Depreciation Column Descriptions

C: Asset Funding Amortization
Asset Funding Amortization, by asset by period, optional allocated amortization cost centre

Asset Funding Amortization Schedule Column Descriptions

AB:  Asset Details
Transaction detail for all activities impacting cost, cost adjustment, reclass, selling or disposition. 

Asset Details Column Descriptions

AC: Asset Actuals

See ESM GL Actuals as same specifications.

AC: Asset Cost Depreciation Calculations
Cost & Depreciation Calculations (At Fiscal year-end – single record by year). Captures summary of beginning & ending values for cost & depreciation. So any purchase, cost and reclass changes, loss/gain and depreciation for that fiscal year by GL period.

Asset Cost & Depreciation Column Descriptions