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ESM – Cube Management – Build Cubes Summary

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Steps to Building a Cube or a Cube Group
For more detailed Documentation go to ESM – Cube Management – Build Cubes

Step 1 – Set Variables values in Code Maintenance – System Parameters   System Parameters (User Set)
Variables Documentation – ESM – Cube Management – Variables

Step 2 – Manual Cube Build

Cube Management – A: Cube Manager
Select Cube which also identifies Cube Group

Select Options:

Choose Button Cube – Build Cube Selected
Choose Button Build Cubes in Current Group – Build cubes that are attached to Build Group displayed on Cube record selected.

Step 3 – Cube Build Using Process Scheduler

Administration –  Process Scheduler

Select Batch Profile where Cube Builds are required

List of Jobs for this Batch profile

Follow instructions in Process Scheduler for running the Process Batch Process Scheduler