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GL Budget Accounting Periods

**wss 2/13/23

The GL Budget Accounting Period module controls the accrual/disbursal of pay period values to GL period values where distribution codes are unavailable.


If your organization does not operate on a standard two-week pay period Worldsoft will have provided a custom routine to manage these periods.


Fiscal Year

The fiscal year to be edited.


If chosen, allows for a different set up period dates for a given fiscal year.

GL Period

A listing of all of the GL periods. Auto-generated.

Pay Period

Only entry #2 is editable. This dropdown should be set to the beginning of the second pay period of the fiscal year.

Refresh Calculations

Recalculates the Percent Next column for all entries. Percent Next represents the amount to be accrued to the next GL period.

Save All

Saves the screen.