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Grid Layout – Move, Show, or Hide Columns and Bands

**WSS 2/17/23

Right Click on Grid Heading:

select Column/Band Chooser

Use Check Boxes to make columns or Bands visible/invisible.

You can also move columns and bands on the Grid itself by holding left click and dragging to different location on Grid.
For example:

result after selecting Details Band and dragging to left of Audit.

To save these changes there are two options depending on what type of Grid is being used:

  1. Basic Grids – Only Site Administrators can save the changes they make to the grid layout.  When these changes are saved it affects all users.  These types of grids can only have one layout that everyone sees.  More on this here.
  2. Grids with Multiple Views – All users can create custom views when there is a Views drop down next to the grid.  The screens that contain these grids allow for variations of layout based on usage and user role (only some grids need this functionality).  Defaults can also be made based on user role.  Details on this here.
After Making changes save results by right clicking on Grid heading and selecting Save Grid Layout.

to remove select Remove Grid Layout to  reset to default. You have to exit this form and go back in to see result.