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How to add a new Account in the GL

This document assumes that the key account values (eg: Cost Centre, Secondary Account, etc.) have been added in their relative code tables (Data Management -> Code Table Maintenance).

When adding a secondary account that ties to a Compensation secondary in use by the salary module it is recommended that an alternate code with a ‘G’ appended be created. If the adjustment is left on the original secondary code it will be transferred to the Salary tab and be uneditable in future.

There are two buttons in the GL that control the addition of accounts.

Add Row – Using Selected Row’s Account Info

This button is only available if you have an account loaded and selected on the Data Entry grids. It will duplicate all key fields on the line and create an identical line with nothing budgeted.

Add Row – Using Account Info Dialog

This pops up a panel that helps create a new line.

This panel provides dropdowns to pick the related key fields. At minimum, you should select a Cost Centre and Secondary Account. Job Cost is only used if the new line is being associated with a particular project. The rest of the codes are only used for salary accounts. Make your selections, hit ‘OK’ and then a new line will be created with nothing budgeted.