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How to Configure Inflation

Step 1

Budget Manager ^ Inflation

  1. Parent  – Secondary Code  Begin and End
  2. Child  Cost Centre  Begin and End
  3. Secondary Child – Version , Percent

Step 2

Budget Manger^ GL Budget Utilities

Run – Routine % Set Inflation Defaults


Notes– Add the Inflation Columns in GL budget E/E by Right clicking on Column and Column/Band Chooser – Search for the Columns, Apply and move by dragging column to desired location

***   Saving a View – Must open the Views by clicking on Pencil


Options for the Calculation of Inflation

You have the Option of calculating the Inflation on the Base or on the base and Adjustments

Path to edit: Data Management^ Code Table Maintenance ^ Budget Version
Budget Version

In the Budget Version Column “Calculate Inflation with Budget Adjustment” Set the Field

To 1 for with adjustments and leave at 0 for only the Base.