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How to create a test Budget Version Jan 7 2020

1. Set Budget Version and Salary Budget Version to Active:

Uncheck Inactive Flag:

Uncheck Inactive Flag:

2. Copy GL Budget – GL Budget Utilities

GL Budget Utilities – AA: Utilities Page 1

Utilities By Version and Type:

Version: Select Source Budget Version

What to Include: 
All: Selecting All will copy all GL Non-Salary and Salary Transactions.
Salary: Selecting Salary will copy all  Salary Transactions only.
Non-Salary: Selecting Non-Salary will copy all GL Non-Salary only.

Source Code Type and Reason Code if set will act as a filter and only copy selected transactions.

Clone Source to Target Version

3. Copying Salary Budget
Budget Manager – Salary Budget Utilities”

B: Page 2

Salary Version Utilities:

Select Source Salary Budget Version
Select Target Salary Budget Version
All Tables – Check if all calculation Tables to be copied.
Delete Target – Check if Target to be deleted first.

Copy Salary Version