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How to Set Up Inflation

**wss 1/20/23

Step 1

Menu: Budget Manager , Inflation

Begin Secondary
End Secondary

Begin Cost Centre
End Cost Centre

Budget Version
Inflation Percent

Step 2

Menu: Budget Manager,  GL Budget Utilities

Run – Routine % Set Inflation Defaults


Utility Updates Budget database.  To View Percentages in Budget:

Menu: GL Budget

If Inflation does not appear in Window, right click on column headings, select Column/Band Chooser and check Inflation. 
Save view by using Views option.

Options for the Calculation of Inflation
You have the Option of calculating the Inflation on the Base or on the base and Adjustments

Menu: Data Management, Code Table Maintenance

Choose Code Table – Budget Version

Select Budget Version then Edit Calculate Inflation with Adjustment –
Select reference number (select drop down to adjust)

0 – Base

from 1 to 6  Adjustment Column

7 – base and all Columns