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Select Notes and Attachment Page
select from drop down list

Depending on Table Name selecting the following Buttons, features will appear:

Refresh – will reset records that appear on grid.
Filter by Current Fiscal Year – check will force displaying only current Fiscal Year.

Open File – if a document has been attached to a notes record, selecting this button will in most cases display the document for the record selected.
Download  File – not all Tables selected will allow for attaching a document to the record selecte.  If this feature is active, the selected file will be attached.

The content of Rich Text documents will show in this panel if active for the Table selected.

Note Description will appear in this panel if feature is active.

For Certain Tables selected the following panels will appear (only where feature is active):
Notes – word like feature to add text to record.

Attach File: which has options to Open File, Download File, Upload File

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