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Methodologies for Creating Vacant Salary Records

There are four methods for creating Vacant Records in the salary module.

Method 1 – Manual Creation


With Manual Creation, you enter the C: Salary tab, set the Filter to ‘Not Linked to Any Worksheet’, and create a new record using the upper grid’s ‘+’ sign. Creating a record in this way requires the user to fill in all required fields, and benefits will need to be either manually entered or added using the ‘Add Default Benefits’ salary utility. You will also need to create an entry in the ‘Employees’ code table prior to creating the record.

After creation, the record can be linked to an appropriate worksheet.

Method 2 – Create Vacant Utility

When you have a worksheet selected you can find this utility in the ‘AA: Salary Records’ tab.

This pops up a window that helps you fill in the important key fields for a new employee. You can also specify the number of vacant records to create.

The system will automatically create the new records with auto-generated ‘Vacancy’ name, but employees created in this way will have no benefits. Benefits will need to be manually entered or added using the ‘Add Default Benefits’ salary utility.

Method 3 – Schedule Tab

In the Schedule Tab all shift allocations happen from a single shift entry line. When this line is selected, the ‘Custom FTE Allocation’ utility becomes available on the bottom grid options.

This panel provides a listing of number of staff and desired FTE allocation. If you already have staff of the same employee type, you can increase the ‘Desired Number of Staff’ column to reflect the target number. The system will create a new vacant position for each additional staff member requested.

Salary records created this way will have benefits generated based on the existing records. There must already be an existing employee of the same employee type attached to the worksheet for this to work.

Method 4 – Smart Clone and Link

This methodology uses an existing staff record as a template for the newly created employee.

  1. Select the Worksheet you want to add staff to.
  1. Proceed to the ‘C: Salary’ tab.
  1. Change the Filter to ‘All Salary Records’

  1. Find the salary record you want to use as the base template.
  1. Choose ‘Smart Clone and Link Selected Salary Records’

This will clone the selected record, reassign it an employee class compatible with the current Worksheet, and then attach it to the current Worksheet.

Cloned records come across with all pay and benefit information.

Method 4b – Clone Selected Salary Records

Useful when cloning multiple records within a single worksheet. Simply select the worksheet, select the existing employee(s) you’d like to clone, and then use ‘Clone Selected Salary Records’ to create the clones.

Clones records come across with all pay and benefit information.