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Release Notes

Release Executive Summary

Version adds minor enhancements, enhancements and bug fixes to the release.

Release Date: Feb 3, 2021

Last Updated: February 3, 2021

Bug Fixes

  1. User Maintenance
    • Fixed the import active directory button so that it created a normal message after the please wait.  The previous method would sometimes show the alert box behind the please wait causing a problem where the user thought the please wait was never finishing
  2. Code Tables – Earning Benefit Type – Salary Formula Parser Dialog
    • Fixed a minor glitch where the formula editor was only showing up on the second tab instead of on both tab 1 and tab 2
  3. Salary Budget
    • Changed the versions drop down when changed and the other required filters have already been set to automatically do the “reload data” operation just like the cost centre drop down
  4. GL Budget
    • Fixed a minor bug where if a user tries to filter on a Budget Version that doesn’t have a corresponding Salary Budget Version it would throw an exception
  5. Framework – Object Overrides
    • Fixed up the object overrides for security level visible/write property for grids and grid views
  6. Process Scheduler – Job Runner Service
    • Fixed a minor bug where the service would cache a previously run database query…in this case getting the report from the database to generate a report.  The problem is that report definition would be cached…so if that report had changed then it would not always show the recent changes as it was caching the result from the database.


  1. Budget Documents Dialog
    • The POA column now defaults to the system parameters’ POA if none is supplied from the calling screen.  This will make data-entry a little bit easier on this dialog
  2. User Cross Tabs
    • Hid two of the group control captions as they were taking up space and served no real purpose.  They are: the main group box around the pivot control and the one on the left hand tab control called layout (where you control the pivot grid layout)
  3. Code Tables
    • Budget Version
      • Changed the calculate inflation with adjustment column to be a number (0-7) instead of a checkbox column (true/false).
        • 0 (default) will use the base budget
        • 1 through 6 will use that particular adjustment column times the inflation percentage
        • 7 will use all 7 fields (base plus six adjustment columns) times the inflation percentage
  4. GL Budget
    •  User entry of a GL budget item that has no distribution assigned.  The event will now automatically set those single new record distribution before saving.
    • Default sort introduced on Manager grid entry (Cost Centre, Secondary, etc…)
  5. Salary Budget
    1. GL & PP distribution hours fields expanded in case site allocates very large number of hours at an aggregate level (not really an employee)
      1. Decimal 9,4 updated to 19,4 
  6. Budget Control & Forecasting
    1. Added multi-select for source code types covering
      1. GL Budget
      2. GL Budget Preparation
      3. Payroll Actual
      4. Payroll Budget