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Release Notes

Release Executive Summary

Version adds minor enhancements and bug fixes to the release.

Release Date: March 9, 2021

Last Updated: March 9, 2021

Bug Fixes

  1. User Cross Tabs (Server-Mode)
    • Fixed the preset saving glitch introduced in which was only saving using client-mode
    • Corrected data type for Staff and FTE budget (now both display in decimal format)
  2. Custom Project Reports
    • When saving a change on the account mix report grid, it will now properly enable/disable the specified lookups in the line utility tab
  3. Salary Budget
    • Fixed the Tab B (Schedule) on the Salary Budget page so that the first worksheet item is selected on first load
  4. Report Writer
    • Fixed the create new report button
  5. GL Budget
    • Enabled the Job cost under extended lookups


  1. Framework
    • Added a “edit filter” button to all of the grids by default to allow users to define more complex types of filters on the grid itself.  Column filters can still be applied as they were before but now users can use or logic and bracket logic on a grid filter.  Ex: “Column A = 5 or Column B > 7”
  2. Utility Pages
    • Reworked the following Utility Pages so that all utilities are now listed in a vertical tree list on the left side of the page which is now searchable.  Any utilities from this tree list that is clicked on will show everything about that single utility including the parameters, button, and documentation.  The new format is much more user friendly.  The following utility pages have been redone:
      • Capital Asset Utilities
      • GL Budget Utilities
      • Patient Activity Costing Utilities
      • Project Budgeting Utilities
      • Project Costing Utilities
      • Reporting Table Utilities
      • Salary Budget Utilities
  3. User Cross Tabs
    • Added a search text box on the Grid/Column tabs that lists all of the properties for the grid/column that can be changed.  This should make it significantly easier to customize the pivot grid visually
  4. GL Budget
    • Added a default sort on the power user and manager grids for the accounts (all of the main lookups).  This way when new records are created on say the manager tabs, all of the rows won’t appear to be randomly sorted when the save and then the grid refresh is complete
    • On the General Ledger Actual and General Ledger Summary grids at the top of the screen (when not hidden) are now double clickable.  Users can drill down to the source data.  If double clicking on individual year/amount fields the data coming back will be filtered by account (lookups like cost centre, secondary, etc.), fiscal year, and period.  If double clicking on a non-specific period field (such as year) then the data will not be filtered by period.
  5. Budget Control and Forecast
    • Build Budget – Modified the build budget so that the following source code type lookups are multi-select instead of single select:
      • GL Budget
      • Payroll Actual
      • Payroll Budget
      • GL Line Items
  6. Salary Budget
    • FTE Calculations.  Detailed lines where hours equal one fte (1950, 1820, 1957.5, 1956, 2080, etc.. ) will now reflect exactly one FTE as a total.
      • On occasion, the rounding would create a very tiny variables +/- very small fraction. 
    • Group Role detail, average banked hours now displayed on the salary Tab next to the salary average bank hours.
    • Audit field.  Calculation and procedures will no longer change the updated user and date.  This is to maintain integrity of the changes made to the detailed rows through data entry in the salary module.