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Release Notes

Release Executive Summary

Version adds major and minor enhancements and bug fixes to the release.

Release Date: September 30, 2021

Last Updated: December 17, 2021

Known Issues With This Release

  1. Framework – Security
    • If a power user/site admin setup both visible and edit object level security on the same object it was not working/not setting both.  Fixed in
    • Read-only columns set up via object level security will now show up in the proper yellowish color. Fixed in
  2. Manage Notes Pages and Dialogs
    • File attachments that were blank cause errors when trying to save/open them.  Fixed in
  3. Cube Viewer – Sandbox
    • Save preset is not working.  Fixed in
  4. GL Budget
    • Default sort for the manager grids was not exactly correct.  Should be version, account info, and then line item number.  Fixed in
  5. Installer
    • New Client Setup
      • On first launch of the client, if the roaming profile is not writable (not common) then a non so helpful error happens and the client cannot be launched.  Causes confusion as it doesn’t explain why it fails to start.  Fixed in
  6. Code Tables
    • Budget Version and Salary Budget Version – Attaching more than one RTF note to the same version will cause an error when coming back to the code table grid because the RTF preview was expecting only one RTF record per version.  Fixed in
  7. View Source Data
    • The GL Actual and Project Detail double click event to handle attachments and drill downs are causing issues (only if attachment exists).  Fixed in
  8. User Cross Tab – Client Mode
    • Loading a preset can sometimes cause the app to freeze.  Fixed in
  9. Main Menu
    • Under the users tab, there was three checkboxes that were setup to make disabling certain system color schemes easily but the save was not working correctly in all cases. Fixed in

Bug Fixes

  1. Citrix Installer
    • Changed the Citrix Installer so that Citrix sites can now run multiple versions of the client at the same time on the same Citrix server.  Before the client would automatically be upgraded…so this was reworked so that this would be possible.  This is useful for sites that rely on Citrix and have multiple customers sharing the same server but running on different versions.
  2. Code Tables
    • Earning Benefit Type
      • On the Earning Benefit Type page there is a Salary Formula Dialog that incorrectly attached a “Salary Master” drop down on the formula preview grid for both earnings and benefits.  On a at least one site this drop down was so large that it would take a while to open the dialog box.  This fix makes it much faster for customers with large salary master tables.
    • Secondary Accounts
      • Updated the statistics column logic on the secondary accounts code table screen so that the code start with:
        • 31 instead of 310
        • 35 instead of 350
        • 38 instead of 380
        • 39 instead of 390
  3. View Source Data
    • Loading a preset will now clear any previous formatting conditions that may have been set previously.
  4. Capital Assets
    • Removed the delete on the Asset Master as records on this table should not be deleted.
  5. Filter Control
    • Fixed the add required filter on the filter control to add (if exists) the default values for fiscal year, budget version, salary budget version, and the tree lookups.
  6. User Cross Tab (Client-Mode)
    • Fixed the GL and Payroll Actual/Budget trees to use the primary key when doing the drill down query…and not the primary key of the summary table (fk in this case).
      Was causing incorrect values to be shown.
  7. Reports
    • The report for Payroll Budget Trees has been restructured to be more logical.  It previously used Cost Centre and Secondary trees.  Now it uses the standard Cost Centre, Employee Class, and Earning Benefit trees.
  8. Salary Master
    • Fixed the add new record save issue on the Salary Master C tab which shows the salary records (wasn’t saving the new record…just looked like it was saving).  Note: Clone was still working.
    • Added the ability to delete unlinked salary master records.
    • Added the move worksheet for a salary master record.
  9. Reporting Tables (Materialized Tables)
    • Removed the following unwanted columns from the materialized payroll actual/budget summaries as it was causing problems:
      • GL Period
      • POA
      • Note: Pay Period will still be available in the Payroll Actual/Budget summary reporting tables.  The combination when grouping was causing issues in Year-To-Date stored calculations
  10. Dark Themes
    • Fixed an issue with dark themes where read-only fields which are being painted with a read-only color (light yellow) had the wrong font color and was causing the text to nearly disappear.  This has been corrected so that if the background color of grid cells are being overwritten, the font color will be forced to be black on those cells as well so that they are always readable.
  11. Report Writer
    • Fixed minor designer bug in sub-reports where the byte data-type wasn’t being registered for use.


  1. Driver Based Financial Planning
    • New page located under Budget Manager
  2. Capital Form Request
    • Created two new pages under Capital Asset Management.  They are:
      • Capital Request Form Designer
        • Allows power users and site admins to create forms that can be filled out by managers/users
      • Capital Request Forms
        • Allows all users to fill out dynamic forms (managed by the designer page listed above)
  3. Projects
    • Added the “Add Job Cost For Project” dialog box on the Projects screen that will allow managers for example who don’t have access to the code table screen to easily add a job cost for a new project.
  4. Landing Page
    • Created a new page that will start up on client-load.  Will allow you to press a button to get the latest state of the current budget/system
  5. Materialized Tables
    • The materialized tables for the GL and Payroll Summaries/Trees have been re-worked to be significantly faster (up to 4x faster).
  6. Source Data Summary
    • Added 4 new counts:
      • Budget Version Notes – These are the generic notes on the GL Budget page
      • Dashboard Notes – These are the notes attached for the Web BI Dashboard
      • Report Notes – These are the notes attached on the Run Report page
      • Version Code Table Notes – These are the notes attached on the Code Tables’ page for the Budget Version and Salary Budget Version pages
  7. Reporting Groups
    • Created a new “page” for the Report Groups Materialized Refresh information.  This new grid shows the combinations that are acceptable for refreshing GL and Payroll trees.  The GL will expect a Cost Centre and Secondary Account tree.  The Payroll will expect a Cost Centre, Employee Class, and Earning Benefit tree combinations.
  8. Capital Assets
    • Created a new clone row button for the Asset Master that create an exact copy except for the Asset Number of the currently selected Asset Master row…the user then has to specify a new Asset Number in order to save the record.
    • Assets Actuals Grid – Added two checkbox filter options:
      • Use Cost Centre
      • Use Secondary Base Prefix
  9. Manage All Notes
    • A new page was created to help see/manage all notes in the system
    • This new page replaces the “Manage Cube Notes” and “Manage Dashboard Notes”
    • Notes will still be attached in the same way they were before but now attachments can more easily be found in a more central way
  10. Cube Viewer and Scorecard Viewer
    • Added the ability to create/modify/save conditional format rules in the tree grids and load them back as needed.  They are saved for the cube/dashboard that is being opened.
  11. Skin Palette
    • A new feature has been exposed on the User tab for the main form’s ribbon.  It allows users to change the color scheme within the selected skin (theme).
  12. User Custom Skins (Themes)
    • Sites can now create their own client “skins”.  This can be useful for sites that want to change the color scheme to match their organization or even personal preferences.  The new Skin Editor is available in the members area page.
    • To create a skin please do the following:
      • Download and install the DevExpress SkinEditor v2 using the members area page.
      • Create a new Skin template using an existing skin that is similar to what you are trying to create.
      • Make any changes to the skin that you wish…then run the export skin as an Assembly.  This creates a .dll file that can be registered in for use as a custom skin
      • Note: Exporting the skin as an Assembly may require administrator privilege’s on the computer where the DevExpress SkinEditor is being run.
      • Once the file has been exported, it can be placed in a common folder that all users can see and then imported using the new system parameter called user_skins_import_dir.  WSI can help set this up the first time this feature is needed.
  13. New Views
    • Created a new Payroll Actual/Budget Summary Trees view for both the user cross tabs and reports.  It will use the new CC/EC/EB trees combinations.