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Release Notes

Release Executive Summary

Version adds minor enhancements and bug fixes to the release.

Release Date: November 6, 2021

Last Updated: December 17, 2021

Known Issues With This Release

  1. Framework – Security
    • Read-only columns set up via object level security will now show up in the proper yellowish color. Fixed in
  2. Cube Viewer – Sandbox
    • Save preset is not working.  Fixed in
  3. GL Budget
    • Default sort for the manager grids was not exactly correct.  Should be version, account info, and then line item number.  Fixed in
  4. Installer
    • New Client Setup
      • On first launch of the client, if the roaming profile is not writable (not common) then a non so helpful error happens and the client cannot be launched.  Causes confusion as it doesn’t explain why it fails to start.  Fixed in
  5. Code Tables
    • Budget Version and Salary Budget Version – Attaching more than one RTF note to the same version will cause an error when coming back to the code table grid because the RTF preview was expecting only one RTF record per version.  Fixed in

Bug Fixes

  1. Main Menu
    • Under the users tab, there was three new checkboxes that were setup to make disabling certain system color schemes easily…but they didn’t work properly in…this has been fixed.  In the workaround for this is to simply set the user selections manually in the User Maintenance screen.
  2. Framework – Security
    • Object level security had a bug where if both the visible and write security were set it could sometimes lead the write security to be ignored (not set).  This has been corrected.
    • Columns that have been setup as read-only dynamically through object level security should now show up with the standard read-only color.
  3. Manage Notes Pages and Dialogs
    • Fixed an issue where the attachment in the database was blank/empty but the file name and type were defined as a file.  This would cause the attachment to error out with a strange error as it couldn’t be written to a disk as an empty file and opened.
  4. User Cross Tab – Client Mode
    • Fixed an issue where if a user had loaded a preset and data for it and then switched to a completely different preset for the same table the screen would freeze.  This was fixed by clearing the client loaded data for the last preset since the used columns were not guaranteed to match and was causing a problem if the loaded data didn’t include the columns for the next preset.
  5. View Source Data
    • Fixed a bug on the General Ledger Actual and Project Detail view source data grids where the drill down logic (double click event) was not skipping the attachment column.
    • Fixed the issue where double clicking on an attachment caused an error (wouldn’t open the attachment).  Only affects views that contain attachments


  1. Code Tables
    1. Added a new page called Trial Balance Version
  2. New Views
    • For User Cross Tab, View Source Data, and Reports:
      • GL Actual/Budget Annual Summary
      • Payroll Actual/Budget Annual Summary
      • Trial Balance
  3. Cube Storage
    • Created a new page to help site administrators manage large amounts of Cubes.  This includes a new Utility that allows for purging old cubes for a range of years/periods.  Please note that this utility requires that cubes are tagged with Fiscal Year and Periods.
  4. Process Scheduler
    • Reports – There is now a parameter for saving the emailed reports to a folder
    • Reports – New option for saving report(s) to a folder and not email.  This new option includes a “split” option so that reports can be separated based on a data field.  For example, if you are exporting a Payroll Actual report and split on Cost Centre, then for all cost centres that exist in the preset it will “loop” over the report generation and create a different report based on that split field as a filter.  So if there were five cost centres in the preset then there should be five reports.  File/folder naming conventions allow for dynamic variables.
  5. System Parameters
    • Two new system parameters were created:
      • default_export_folder – This is the network/folder path setup for the default export folder location for Reports
      • sal_budget_mgr_default_tab_b – In and prior, Managers were setup on the Salary Budget screen to default to Tab B for simplicity.  This option is now configurable and can be setup so that the default tab for managers is Tab A.