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Release Notes

Release Executive Summary

Version adds minor enhancements and bug fixes to the release.

Release Date: February 3, 2022

Last Updated: February 1, 2022

Bug Fixes

  1. Code Tables
    • Elements Detail
      • Changed the elements level editor to allow an integer as large as 30 instead of 25 (previous max value).
    • Earning Benefit Types
      • Fixed the problem where you couldn’t edit the Earning Benefit Type data if it was tagged as Benefit.
    • Budget Version and Salary Budget Version
      • Fixed a bug that was preventing more than one RTF notes attached to a single version as it was messing up the “RTF Preview” column and would prevent the screen from loading the data.
      • Fixed the “has attachment” icon logic so that even “empty” attachment rows will now show an attachment icon to avoid confusion.  Meaning if a user adds an attachment row with a description but doesn’t actually include an attachment or notes it will still qualify as an attachment on the versions grid.
  2. User Cross Tab
    • When loading presets the User Cross Tab pages (both client/server pages), parts of the page would often flicker because parts of the page were being set to disabled/enabled over and over while the preset was being loaded.  This was caused by some historical code that was no longer needed and when removed fixed this issue.
  3. Cube Management
    • Records that have been “scheduled for deletion” are now still visible in the grid until they are deleted (typically in the middle of the night).  Before if a user scheduled a cube for deletion and clicked on Reload Data, they wouldn’t be able to see it anymore as it was being filtered behind the scenes.  Now the records that are marked for delete are always visible until they are actually deleted.  The delete column is now called “Schedule Delete?”.
  4. Cube Viewer – Sandbox
    • The save presets which saves grid filters was not working.  This has been corrected.
  5. Reporting Groups
    • Fixed the build from elements calls (for both Cost Centre and Secondary Account trees) to automatically refresh the details tree grid after the build is complete.
  6. Main Ribbon – Users
    • Some of the checkbox options on the main ribbon tab were not working quite right…so they have been corrected to properly load/save the quick options for enabling/disabling the saved system colors (like alternative row colors, focused row color, and tree grid row colors).
  7. GL Budget
    • Altered the main sort order for the manager views as they were incorrect.  The order is now: version, account info lookups (cost centre, secondary, etc.), and then line item number.  It used to be version, line item number, and then accounts.
  8. Budget Activity and Budget Reason Activity
    • Fixed the logic that sends an email about a approve/reject action.  The user that the email was saying was doing the actual approval/rejecting was not using the correct field.  This has been corrected and should now show who actually initiated the action.
  9. Framework
    • Grid Footers have been tweaked to show a different border than group footers.  This will help users to distinguish between the two.
    • Columns that use days or days-ending will no longer by default add summaries in the grid footer (like SUM) as it’s typically not logical on most grids.
    • Fixed the spell checker on all of the Rich Text Editor (typically notes pages/dialogs) to correctly allow the user to set the dictionary for the language that they want.  For example if a user had either Windows or the keyboard region setup for US English the rich text editor would reset the dictionary spell checker back to US English even if the user set it for Canadian English or French.  Now it will retain the correct Dictionary setup by the user when typing into the notes area.
  10. Startup
    • A few sites have been blocking access to the “roaming profile”.  This means that when a client starts up for the first time they couldn’t see the login screen and would get an error because the client couldn’t create the settings file it uses to store things like the server URL.  This has been tweaked to do two things:
      • It will now try roaming profile first, and if that fails it will try writing to the local profile
      • If both locations are not writeable by the user, a nice error message will now be displayed that explains what paths are not writable by the user.  This will make things much easier by I.T. to fix if they understand why it won’t load.


  1. Landing Page
    • Moved the button for the Landing Page to the title bar of the main client window (above the ribbon pages).
    • Added to the landing page a new section (BC) which shows the payroll variance summary for hours. Now there are tabs for both hours and amounts.
    • If the Parameter page is hidden (via the Control Properties) then the visible tab will load it’s data when the landing page is shown.
    • When enabled, focusing on a specific cost centre (left grid) will re-calculate the tree grids on the right hand side.  This will ensure that the group totals make sense.
    • Removed the entity parameter as it’s no longer used
    • Added an obvious button that “appears” above the right hand tree grids when filtering by a specific cost centre.
  2. Code Tables
    • Worksheet Items Code Table Detail
      • New main tab – Worksheet Items Accumulator Summary
    • New clone button feature that affects the following Code Tables pages:
      • Profile Master
      • Step Plan Types
      • Vacation Plan Types
    • Earning Benefit Types
      • Added the labour category text field to the earning benefit types code table.  Will also show up in the lookup for this table.
      • Added a new column called “Report Earning As Benefit?”.  This new checkbox column replaces the system parameter report_earning_like_benefit which has been automatically removed in this release.  Any value in this system parameter is used to update the earning benefit type table so nothing is lost.  This new method will allow for more than one record for having this flag as it was previously limited to only one value.
  3. Salary Budgeting
    • Earning Fixed hourly rate 
      • Added support to have a fixed hourly rate for a specific earning, versus using the standard hourly rate or hourly rate override for the employee.
    • Salary weighted average hourly rate now available
    • Added the “employee info” section on the Salary Budget B Tab. Useful for new sites setting up.
    • Tab C – Added super tool tips to new option buttons
    • Tab C – Added a new options buttons:
      • Synchronize Benefits From Staging
      • Synchronize Salary From Staging
    • Salary calculation 
      • Custom worksheet distribution will now merge with custom earning distribution (example:  Stat Holidays) to that amounts show in correct period versus override.
  4. Salary Budget Utilities
    1. Two additional optional steps at end of rollover process
      1. Rollover Set Prior FTE Allocation
      2. Rollover Iterative reallocation
      3. Set Version Weeks and Hours (Example: from 1950 to 1957.5, 52.0 to 52.2 etc..)  Automates updating of three sets of configuration tables.
      4. Copy copy centre to another (within same version, Worksheets, items, allocations, salary records) with option to retain staff or set to vacant.
  5. Main Form
    • Changed the main form to use the new Office 2013 style vs the old Office 2007 style.  This enables us to use the new fullscreen option which will be helpful for users that need just a bit more space on the screen to work.
    • Enabled the search functionality on the main ribbon
    • Users Tab
      • Created a new checkbox for allowing a user to change if the Landing Page is visible on login for them or not.  Allows users to fix their own options without having to change it in the user maintenance screen.
  6. Budget Activity and Budget Reason Activity Screens
    • Added amount and hours columns
  7. View Source Data
    • New Views:
      • Staging Salary Benefits
  8. Run Reports
    • When clicking on a report, the Presets tab will now be the default tab instead of the report options
    • Reports have have sub-reports will have each filter control tabs sorted by name
    • Modified the standard budget document report to include Cost Centre, Secondary based on the source of the attachment or rich text.
      • Also includes document source such as Budget Preparation (non-salary) and  Staffing Worksheet.
      • Report breaks by Cost Centre, groups by document source (defaults)
  9. Cube Management and Score Card Management
    • Graphical Save Layout
      • The save has been reworked to have a smarter save.  This new save allows us to have a special database constraint to prevent users from manually saving the multiple bands (even when hidden) with the same band number…which was preventing in some cases the cube/score card viewers from loading correctly (or causing the build to fail). 
  10. Materialized Tables
    • Reworked the refreshes for the GL Budget Prepare unpivot materialized tables to be faster and should be able to run more efficiently in the background without causing any unnecessary locks on the main tables where the data is being drawn from.
    • Reworked the refresh for the GL Distribution Actuals/Budget to be faster and more efficient.
  11. Process Scheduler
    • There is now a new grid to the right of the Process Queue (on the schedules tab) to show the details of each job that ran for a particular scheduled batch.  It will show you how long each piece of the process batch job took.
    • When generating reports there are now additional Excel Output options