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Release Notes

Release Executive Summary

Version adds minor enhancements and bug fixes to the release.

Release Date: October 5, 2022

Last Updated: October 5, 2022

Bug Fixes

  1. Cube Management
    • Cube Validate Trees
      • Fixed an issue where long cost centre descriptions were causing the validate trees procedure to fail
  2. Processes
    • Process Worksheet/Calc Salary
      • Add missing rounding periods where the custom distribution doesn’t normally assign to gl 12 or pay period 27


  1. C.P.P (Canada Pension Plan budgeting change)
    1. Starting 2024 (which is impacts by all customers using the fiscal year budgeting approach for 2023-2024), the CPP calculation now requires a second set of variables to support the additional income ceiling, and percentages that apply to that ceiling by calendar year.   (See the CRA Site for full details on “The Canada Pension Plan enhancement”
    2. Although customers on Calendar based budgets will not be impacted until 2024, the change is still required for them.
    3. This is the primary reason for Release to support these extra configuration items in the benefit table and calculations.
  2. Code Tables
      • System Parameters
        • New Parameters:
          • future_salary_annniv_date – This parameter affects the update salary from staging procedure to skip edits on step plan detail if set to true (checked)
        • Expanded Benefit Detail code table for CPP change noted above.
    • Structure Changes
      • Tables that had the following columns were changed to 50 characters instead of 20 (or 30 in some cases):
        • Batch Number
        • Document Number
        • Reference Number