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Release Notes

Release Executive Summary

Version adds minor enhancements and bug fixes to the release.

Release Date: November 1, 2022

Last Updated: November 1, 2022

Bug Fixes

  1. Landing Page Reports
    1. Corrected a security bug when users setup security on the landing page reports.
  2. View Changes (Cross Tab, View Source Data, Report)
    • Asset depreciation schedule
      • A few columns were pointing to the wrong column set.
        • Work-a-round to uses correct table but column names read a amortization vs depreciation. 
        • Correct data is reported
    • Fixed several views that had an incorrect join that was causing a slow down on several GL Actual/Budget summary related views.  The amount of data returned was not being affected but this extra join made things slower especially on older SQL Servers such as 2012.
  3. Calc Salary
    • Remove the extra code trying to cleanup benefit with no earnings as interfering with calculations.  Note: customers have had this fixed pushed out to them.
  4. French Windows Setup
    • Users that had setup their Windows PC to use the French language were previously forced to change their decimal character from a comma to a period in order to log into  This has been corrected.
  5. User Cross Tab
    • Fixed the bug where if you dragged a column to the filter area of the pivot grid it would often throw a control cannot be updated error.
  6. Utilities
    • Calculate Asset Depreciation
      • Adjust for no opening balance and need to add calculations prior to frozen period to be posted after frozen period.
      • Additional calculations when Cost adjustments made to impact as if occurred at time of purchase.


  1. French Windows Setup
    • Many of the captions/screen have been cleaned up when logged in as a French user.
  2. Landing Page
    • Added new landing page notes feature on the left grids for each CC (shows up as a data icon on each cost centre row similar to Cube Viewer).
  3. View Changes (Cross Tab, View Source Data, Report)
    • New Views
      • Worksheet Item Allocations Detail
    • Salary Master Views
      • Added the schedule FTEs column
    • Payroll Budget (ESM) Views
      • Added Salary Grid to reporting
    • Asset Depreciation Schedule
      • Added equipment funded column
  4. View Source Data
    • New Views:
      • General Ledger Actual/Budget Summary
      • Payroll Actual/Budget Summary
      • Payroll Actual/Budget Summary By GL
  5. User Formula Functions
    1. Added the udf_get_sama_schedule_ftes for the users to use in the salary formula.
  6. Capital Assets
    • Added depreciation allocation master lookup
  7. System Information Dialog
    • Additional information is now shown on the users’ system languages installed and what it is defaulting to (currently using).  Useful if trying to identify bugs that are language specific.
  8. Utilities
    • Base Load Budget From Prior Version
      • Add option on base load for 1703 to retain non salary records with a description (at detail level vs grouped)
    • Calculate Asset Depreciation
      • Add extra message for depreciation (if try to calculate future year with no prior year opening balance when normally using opening balances)