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Release Notes

Release Executive Summary

Version adds bug fixes and enhancements to the release.

Release Date: September 5, 2023

Last Updated: September 5, 2023

Bug Fixes

  1. Code Tables
      • Added the financial statement section grid that was missing from
      • Fix three of the tables that had French description columns that were not showing extended ascii characters (like accents) correctly.  This was a small data fix.
    • Reporting Groups
      • In some instances the reporting groups’ tree combinations table was being locked whenever a refresh using those tree combinations was being referenced.  The new materialized table refresh procedures should prevent this issue.
    • GL Accounting Periods
      • The pay period 2 date will now use the specified year and the entities’ month.  This will fix sites that were using January instead of April as the starting date.


    1. Active Users
      • This page has been added to the Administration tab.  Allows site admins to see who is logged in.
    2. User Maintenance
      • When importing users from Active Directory, you can now assign each of those users a user profile while importing instead of having to do it to each user one at a time after.
    3. Click-Once Installer
      • The desktop shortcut has been once again removed.  Having the desktop shortcut was causing issues on sites that have their desktops locked down.  When it’s locked down sites that try to install the click-once shortcut for the first time (when the desktop shortcut was enabled) was getting a failure because of an permission issue.  By removing the desktop shortcut (and only putting the standard start menu shortcut) this avoids this permission issue.
    4. Budget Audit
      • Audit #56 added – new salary grid has lower hourly rates
    5. Views (Reports, Cross Tabs, View Source Data)
      • A new set of views were created that are nearly identical to the payroll actual/budget summary (and related).  However this new set of views will now include details all the way to the employee level.  Includes a new procedure for refreshing the underlying materialized tables that these views use for data.
      • A number of views that had employee class type were missing employee class group.  These views have been corrected to include this employee class group column.
      • The salary grid types views have had the employee organization added
      • FTE Calculations for Payroll Actual / Budget combined views using materialized tables: Both Employee and payroll account levels
        • For both GL & Pay Period, views are intended for point in time (Select either a single GL or PP)
        • Includes amounts, hours and FTEs, YTD, relative to that point in time calculation 
          • Example: If person is full time, budget and actual are 75 hours for that pay period, then Budget & Actual sit at 1.0 without a FTE variance for that period.
          • Year to date utilized YTD hours for GL or Pay Periods.  These can be viewed in Fiscal POA or Fiscal Distribution materialized code table Tab B.
          • Similar logic for GL period.  Both GL & Pay Period FTEs use WSI calculated based on weekday earned.
          • Yearly FTE hours are balanced between GL & Pay period. (1950, 1957.5, 1965 etc..)
    6. GL Budget Management
      •  Change the BC tab (manager all grid) to be editable just like the salary and non salary grids.
      • A few enhancements was done to this screen to make data-entry a bit faster.  Should make a noticeable difference on larger sites.
    7. System Parameters
      • A new set of system parameters were created that allow users to configure how many prior years of data are added to the materialized tables when they are refreshed.  This is an important variable that can affect how many records are copied/summarized on the materialized tables that are used by a number of report, cross tab, and view source data views.  The defaults are 5 years for GL and Payroll and 2 years for Payroll that includes detail down to the employee level.