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Tracking Change in Salary Module

**wss 12/14/22

Sites want to be able to review impact from a change/ series of changes in salary module. (ie Process worksheet, either single, single cost centre or entire version) This can also be useful in reviewing changes that require multiple passes to obtain a stable/ final result.

Process: Salary calculation with transfer is currently stable.

1)   User performs changes to worksheet and/or salary

2)   When calling Process worksheet

  Either Single, Current Cost Centre or entire version, will have the option to include a snapshot of current transfer before the calculations.

  If called with that option, system will:

  1.   Create a detailed snapshot of SALBUDGET sourced records from GL budget prepare.
  2.   Runs the process worksheet as requested.
  3.    Run a comparison calculation between production and the snapshot file, and summarizes results in a materialized table for reporting. 

Only variances are included.  Includes all standard chart fields, salary ID, worksheet, reason code and project if available and typical

Groups such as Earning, Secondary, Class and so on.

  1.   User can then review on View source data (typically if small changes), but can also run Crosstab / drilldown to view source data.

   (New views covering: the GL budget difference)  


Scenario Examples tested like:

  1.   Selected an employee that has multiple deployments within a salary version, say 3-8 deployments.
  2.   Made change to one record to change FTE deployment
  3.    Ran Calculate single worksheet with snapshot option.
  4.   Reviewed impact result of that calculation/ copied to Excel for demo purposes.  
  5.   Then ran a global worksheet calculation (full version) with snapshot option knowing it would impact other records given multiple deployments
  6.    Review that result / to excel for demo purposes.
  7.   Repeated global worksheet calculation with snapshot option to capture residual changes (if any)  Nil result confirmed stable calculation.

Calls to Process worksheet will be updated to reflect this additional feature.