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WSI Robot – 04 – Setup Profile

A profile is what ties everything together.  It contains the information about what data is going to be used, which application will be written to and the steps needed to write that data to the target application.

Create A Profile

1) On the Profiles tab, click on the plus button below the main grid to create a new row.  Type in a description for this profile
2) Select the database you will be getting data from and your target application.
3) Using the “database tables/views” tabs below, find the one of interest and click on the button that says: Set Selected Table/View AS Source

Customize SQL using SQL Override – Optional

If you need to customize the way you get data from the table/view you selected you can scroll to the right on the profile grid and double click on the SQL Override column.  This will open a dialog box that will allow you to customize the SQL that is used to get data from the table/view.  For example you can specify a where clause to “filter” the records of interest if you don’t want them all.  You can change the order by section of the SQL to specify a more specific order in which the data will be entered into the target application.  Please keep in mind that the WSI Robot was intended to work against a table/view that has a unique integer primary key as the first column in the data source.  This was done to enable an easy resume functionality for the robot.