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WSI Robot – 01 – Installing

System Requirements

The WSI Robot requires .NET Framework 4.7.2 or higher to be installed (should already be installed on Windows 10).
Windows 7, 8, and 10 are all supported.

The WSI Robot requires that you install the 32 bit version of the MS Access Database Engine 2010 Redistributable.
You can get it here:
Note: This will not affect any installed version of Microsoft Office.
Note: This is used by the WSI Robot to create it’s configuration file which is stored in the users’ Roaming Profile.

Where To Download

You can download the latest version of the WSI Robot from our Members Page here:
There are two types of installers:
  • The portable installer is a self-extracting EXE.  This installer is very basic.  It just asks you where you want to extract the files.  The desktop is the default location.  This is the easiest version to install.
  • The zip file version.  This requires you to manually extract the zip file and place the robot where you want to run it.  This is recommended if you have difficulty downloading the EXE file listed above.  Note: Some virus scanners don’t like you downloading EXE files from the Internet.

Portable Installer – Installing

Just double click on the file after you download it.  It will ask you where to copy/extract the WSI Robot program.  The default is the desktop.
It will also give you the option to create a shortcut on your desktop after it extracts the files.

Zip File – Installing

Right click on the file and select “Extract Files”.  Windows will ask where you want to extract it.  For example you can type C:\WSIRobot\ and it will put all of the files in a WSIRobot folder on your C:\.  Once extracted you can go to the install folder and double click on the WSIRobot.exe.