Worldsoft Information Management Platform

Worldsoft’s Information Management Platform (IMP) is a robust solution offering Budgeting, Reporting, Dashboards, Scorecards, Patient Activity Costing, OCDM Reporting, Trial Balance Auditing, Project Cost Auditing, and Capital Asset Management .  IMP now aggregates data from Financial, Patient, Capital Asset, and Workload/Activity software systems to create a centralized common point for reporting and analysis.  All data loads are scheduled, normalized, and cleansed, with formalized table relationships providing a framework for drilldown and drill through when exploring the results.  Installation is available on-premises or through the Cloud.  End user access is available through two streams – our smart client, a desktop application kept up to date through Microsoft ClickOnce technology, and our web client, a pure web application accessible through any modern web browser. 

High level reports, dashboards, and alerts are available to senior administration on a real-time basis.  From data source to results, our software automates every major step. Indicators are fully customizable.  Reporting opportunities include trending, red flagging, key statistics, variance analysis, budget control, and management review through traditional reports, ad-hoc crosstabs, explorable data cubes, and graphical dashboards. 

Most importantly, Worldsoft’s development focus has always been driven by customer feedback and requirements. Fundamentally, if you can imagine it, we can create it.

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