Create informed choices and policies with powerful decision support tools designed for the Canadian Public Sector. Bring your third-party data into a single, flexible warehouse. Increase managerial accountability through responsive data cubes with full feedback and tracking. Analyze organization trends in finances and statistics. Design flexible, ad-hoc reports via efficient crosstab data views. Trace supporting data from a single point with dynamic data drill-through. Set up fully managed scorecards and indicators using normalized, verified data loads, or create interactive dashboard highlighting key indicators using live external data. Provide easy to run, secure report templates for every level of your organization or trigger a process to email completed reports to them instead.

Make data meaningful – Worldsoft – Information Management Platform.

Executive Support Manager

Executive Knowledge Manager

Crosstab Professional


  • Financial Ledger
  • Statistical Ledger
  • Inventory Material Management
  • Medical Records Abstracting
  • Data Pull Scheduling
  • Payroll
  • Capital Asset Management
  • Capital Ledger
  • Purchasing
  • Import any Tabular Data
  • Data Structure Visualization
  • Datasets, Data Sorting and Filtering
  • Web-based, on-premise or cloud
  • Report Creation
  • Trend Analysis
  • Column, Row, and Module Security
  • Data Source Attachments (eg: Invoices)
Web-based Business Intelligence
  • Indicator and Scorecards
  • Graphic, Interactive Dashboards
  • Report on-Demand (pull)
  • Report on Schedule (push)
  • Multiple Data Sources
  • Self-Service Availability
  • Graphical Data Analysis
  • Crosstabs