Take control of your organization’s fiscal future with powerful financial planning tools specially designed for the Canadian Public Sector. Calculate compensation costs down to the individual employee. Plan out your revenue and non-compensation expenses at any level of detail. Track Capital Project expenses throughout your entire budget. Plan for multiple years as easily as budgeting for multiple scenarios. Use responsive data-driven tools to refine budget numbers based on forecasted and actual organization activity. Provide the latest target projections to your entire organization and increase managerial accountability.

Efficient, accurate, and effective – Worldsoft – Information Management Platform.

Budget Manager

Budget Control & Forecast

Driver Based Financial Planning


  • Unlimited scenarios
  • Operating and Capital Budgeting
  • Approval workflow Integrated reporting
  • Active Directory integration
  • Driver-based financial planning
  • Multiple data source integration
  • Budget by Allocation
  • Data-driven Budgeting and Decision Making
  • Multi-User Budgeting
  • Multi-Year Budgeting, Planning, Forecasting and Analysis
  • Role Based Security
  • Performance Measurement
  • Monday – Sunday Schedule   
  • Vacancy auto-creation
  • Fully defined earnings
  • Fully defined benefits
  • Manual or auto-calc
  • Project cost assignment
  • Change Control Management
  • Multiple deployments
  • Amendment Tracking
  • Balancing Notifications
  • Version Control and Historical Tracking
  • Staff Planning/ Scheduling
  • Unlimited account types
  • Supply/inventory budgeting
  • Vertical or horizontal entry
  • Project cost assignment
  • Amendment Tracking
  • Version Control and Historical Tracking
  • Change Control Management
  • Performance Based Budgeting
  • Workflow and Approvals
  • What-if Scenarios
  • Streamline Budget Process
  • Security, Access Options