Modern Challenges

Financial planning cycles are getting shorter. Your data sources keep getting bigger, spread out among systems that don’t like talking with each other. Managers have trouble getting meaningful reports, and lack of transparency means lack of accountability. Government financial data submissions are complex, time consuming, and easily bump up against new submission format rules. Procedures are being performed but the costs are too complex to track on an ongoing basis. Choose Worldsoft to meet Modern Challenges.

Modern Solutions

Originally founded by a hospital CFO, World Software Inc (“WORLDSOFT”) is a boutique Canadian software developer providing best-in-class solutions for the Canadian Healthcare sector. Our experience at the strategic, planning, and implementation stages has grown along with the knowledge and challenges that our customers have faced, and we’ve turned this into an integrated suite of software solutions that you’re going to love. Choose Worldsoft for a Modern Solution.

Modern Design

Our expertise in system design and process improvement has enabled clients to transform their financial planning, reporting, business intelligence, and costing tasks into something more efficient, more accurate, and more effective.  Choose Worldsoft for today’s Modern Design.

Canadian Challenges – Canadian Solutions

Take control of your organization’s fiscal future with powerful financial planning tools specially designed for the Canadian Public Sector. Calculate compensation costs down to the individual employee. Plan out your revenue and non-compensation expenses at any level of detail. Track Capital Project expenses throughout your entire budget. Plan for multiple years as easily as budgeting for multiple scenarios. Use responsive data-driven tools to refine budget numbers based on forecasts and actual organization activity. Provide the latest target projections to your entire organization and increase managerial accountability.

Efficient, accurate, and effective.
Worldsoft – Information Management Platform.

Create informed choices and policies with powerful decision support tools designed for the Canadian Public Sector. Bring your third-party data into a single, flexible warehouse. Increase managerial accountability through responsive data cubes with full feedback and tracking. Analyze organization trends in finances and statistics. Design flexible, ad-hoc reports via efficient crosstab data views. Trace supporting data from a single point with dynamic data drill-through. Set up fully managed scorecards and indicators using normalized, verified data loads, or create interactive dashboard highlighting key indicators using live external data. Provide easy to run, secure report templates for every level of your organization or trigger a process to email completed reports to them instead.

Make data meaningful.
Worldsoft – Information Management Platform.

Determine just how much your activities are costing with powerful data driven tools designed for the Canadian Public Sector. Allocate out your hospital expenses throughout your organization. Track all patient activities and expenses by encounter from the day a patient first walks through your doors. Use interactive, responsive data reports and crosstabs at each stage of the costing process. Easily pull and update data in a safe and secure manner. Leverage costing results through budget drivers, creating better predictors for your next financial planning cycle.

Find your true costs.
Worldsoft – Information Management Platform.