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ESM – Cube Management

**wss 1/24/23

Tab A: Cube Manager 

Top Grid:

Top Grid: Tab Selection

Refresh – list Cubes after changing Fiscal Year filter
Toggle Inactive –
Fiscal Year –
Bulk Update Fiscal Year –

Options – A: Cube Management

Build Cube – select if you’re looking to just rebuild a single cube.
Build Cubes in Current Group – select if you’re looking to rebuild the entire build group.
Copy Current User Cube –
Copy from Template –
Validate Cube Trees –
Cube Hash Totals –

Auto-Populate Fiscal Year (Where Blank) – For all cubes that have no assigned Fiscal Year, this process searches the cube for all ranges that deal with (fy_id = x) where fy_id is the fiscal year ID column. Once all of the Fiscal Year’s are found, the greatest one is used as the year. Indicator cubes (1120 and 1121) will subtract 1 from the fiscal year found in the ranges since it is dealing with future cubes. Ex: So if Fiscal Year 2017-2019 are found in the ranges, then the fiscal year will be 2019. If the cube is a 1120/1121…then the max year will have a -1 applied to it and the year assigned will be 2018.

Mark Old Cubes for Deletion – This relies on the following things:
– current_fiscal_year variable in the System Parameters table
– Fiscal Year and Period columns in the Cube.
This process will automatically mark all “old” cubes for deletion. An old cube is one that meets the following criteria:
– Cube Fiscal Year is less than the current fiscal year
– If the Period is defined as GL, then it must be less than 12
– If the Period is defined as Pay Period, then it must be less than 27
Note: This does NOT delete things…it simply marks them for deletion. Typically cubes are deleted/cleaned up as part of a nightly job. This means that you can simply review the marked for delete cubes to see if they are supposed to be marked as such and if not correct them.

In the Process Scheduler you will find a record that has a daily maintenance line that physically deletes Cubes. 
Process Scheduler

Options – C: Copy or Rollover Groups

Copy Source to Target Group –
Rollover Source to Target Group –

Options – D: Cube Designer

Copy Template Using Selected Row –
Build Links From Layout for Drilldown –
C: Validate Cube –

Options: Messages

Bottom Grid

A: Views

B: View Layout

C: Cube Layout

Update Captions in Series (Synchronize)

D: Column Bands

E: Developer

F: Layout Helper

Tab B: Tables and Fields
Top Grid

Bottom Grid

A: Source Fields

B: Ranges