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How to adjust a Salary Account in the GL Entry Module

It is only necessary to consider these steps for secondary accounts flagged as Salary.

The GL Budget module uses the ‘Salary’ flag to determine whether accounts should be viewed/edited in the BA: Non-Salary or BB: Salary tabs. Anything appearing on the BB: Salary tab is non-editable.

Our recommended solution is to create a new secondary account with the suffix ‘G’. The Information Management Platform has built-in routines to deal with accounts patterned in this manner.

Start by heading into Data Management -> Code Table Maintenance.

Choose Secondary Accounts from the Code Tables dropdown.

Use the ‘+’ on the data navigator bar to start a new record.

When creating the new record, make sure to do the following:

-set the Account Type and Account Group identical to the original code

-Secondary Account becomes the same code as the other, with a ‘G’ appended

                -eg: F31010 becomes F31010G

-set the description as you like

-leave ‘Is Salary?’ unchecked, and check ‘Is GL Budget?’

Save after completing the data entry using the checkmark on the navigator bar.

From here, the account will be available for use anywhere in the system. Remember, you may have to use ‘Refresh Lookups’ to be able to see the code in any modules you already have open.

Don’t forget to add the code to any secondary reporting trees so that it appears in related reports.