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Release Notes

Release Executive Summary

Version adds bug fixes and enhancements to the release.

Release Date: TBD

Last Updated: September 27, 2023

Bug Fixes

  1. User Cross Tab
      • Fixed an issue where creating a new formula would not close the popup after creating a perfectly valid expression
      • Updated the user cross tab pages to fix the best fit issue when dragging columns
      • Fixed the disappearing scroll bar issue on the customization form
    • Custom User Themes
      • When loading custom users themes, fixed a security related error preventing user created ones from being loaded
    • Framework Bugs
      • Fixed a stack overflow exception when using certain custom themes that was happening on certain custom controls that had code to ensure they stayed square
      • All non-vector themes have been hidden to prevent random GUI related errors from happening.
      • The first time loading this particular client will ensure that the new default theme will be Office 2019 Colorful.  Users can still change to another theme as the client will record when the last time the theme was updated (only changes automatically once).


    1. GL Budget
      • Fixed an issue that would prevent users from loading hundreds of cost centres or secondary accounts all at once in the main filters
    2. User Cross Tab
      • Added two new options on the cross tabs layout tab (options drop down button):
        • Toggle Freeze Rows
        •  Toggle Rows As Tree
    3. Report Writer
      • Added a new feature to the report writer that allows a user to see what fields, parameters, calculated fields, etc. are being referenced by the report.
        Will make it a lot easier to clean up useless things.