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Release Notes

Release Executive Summary

Version adds bug fixes and enhancements to the release.

Release Date: December 15, 2023

Last Updated: December 14, 2023

Bug Fixes

  1. User Cross Tab
      • Fixed an issue where creating a new formula would not close the popup after creating a perfectly valid expression
      • Updated the user cross tab pages to fix the best fit issue when dragging columns
      • Fixed the disappearing scroll bar issue on the customization form
    • Code Tables
      • Added the missing employee org group column on Tab C of the earning benefits page
      • Rows that contained the NOTCODED keyword in the description field is no longer going to be set to read-only.  This is to fix an issue that came up at a client were the description was set this way but the actual code was not NOTCODED.  Rows that were set to this in the code field will still continue to be readonly.
    • GL Budget
      • Fixed a problem on the GL Budget screen where selecting too many cost centres/secondary accounts was causing a SQL statement that finds “has attachments” to fail as the in list of accounts was too big.  Reworked it so that it wouldn’t have this limitation.
    • Custom User Themes
      • When loading custom users themes, fixed a security related error preventing user created ones from being loaded
    • Framework Bugs
      • Fixed a stack overflow exception when using certain custom themes that was happening on certain custom controls that had code to ensure they stayed square
      • All non-vector themes have been hidden to prevent random GUI related errors from happening.
      • Change the captions “score card” with “scorecard”.
      • The first time loading this particular client will ensure that the new default theme will be Office 2019 Colorful.  Users can still change to another theme as the client will record when the last time the theme was updated (only changes automatically once).


    1. Code Tables
      • Add an inactive column to the reason types table
      • System Parameters – Created a new system parameter group for the landing page.  Also create several new landing page parameters to help set the default start parameters for the landing page.
    2. GL Budget
      • Fixed an issue that would prevent users from loading hundreds of cost centres or secondary accounts all at once in the main filters
    3. Salary Budget
      • Added the budget version attachments that was previously only available on the GL Budget screen
      • Added project to the salary master grids
    4. Capital Request Form Designer
      • The main capital request forms grid now allows setting the form to “inactive”.  This will make the form invisible by default (soft filter) on the Capital Request Forms page.
      • Several new form options have been changed or added:
        • Column Span – The form is separated into rows and columns like a table.  By specifying a column span larger than one, you are allowing the control to use multiple columns
        • Item Text Align Mode – By default all captions for each control are going to take up the same width as the longest caption in order to look better.  However in some cases a user may not want some or any of the captions to align in this way.  To change this behavior users can now set “AutoSize Mode” to true which will ignore the captions of the other items
        • Item Text Horizontal Align – Captions for items can now be aligned: left, center, or right
        • Item Text Location – By default the item caption is on the left of the control.  However this property allows you to set it to the: left, right, top, or bottom
        • Hide Item Caption – In some cases you don’t want a caption for a control.  This allows you to hide it
        • Bold Item Caption – You can now set an items caption to be either bolded nor not.  Previously all item captions and labels were bolded
        • Auto Size Control – By default the control doesn’t try to auto size itself within the space.  In some cases setting the auto size to true will take up the available space in a better way (depending on the type of control)
        • Caption – The caption previously had a limit of 100 characters.  Now the limit has been changed to 4000 characters.
        • Inactive – The inactive flag was added to make it easier to “disable” items that are added without having to remove them.  This makes it easier to trace issues with layout without having to delete items one by one.
    5. Landing Page
      • The default parameters that are used on this page now uses “land_page_xxx” paramters on the system parameters code table page.  This was simplified to help explain how the default settings are set on the landing page.
      • Created a new link page that will open the BI Scorecard Details page.  The link is just called Scorecard.
      • A new reporting group GL tree was created for GL statistics tree.  The cost centre was taken from the main GL tree and the secondary tree was taken from the old statistics tree variable in the system parameters (was stat_gl_tree … but now is land_page_stat_gl_tree).
    6. User Cross Tab
      • Added two new options on the cross tabs layout tab (options drop down button):
        • Toggle Freeze Rows
        •  Toggle Rows As Tree
      • Added a new view for the GL Budget Prepare GL Trees
      • SafeDivide – This math function has been added which allows either 2 or 3 parameters.  The 3 parameter version allows you to specify what to return if attempting to divide by 0.  The 2 parameter version works just like the original did on the report writer…which returned null if attempting to divide by 0.
    7. View Source Data
      • Added a new view for the GL Budget Prepare GL Trees
      • Added project to the main salary master view.
    8. Report Writer
      • Added a new feature to the report writer that allows a user to see what fields, parameters, calculated fields, etc. are being referenced by the report.
        Will make it a lot easier to clean up useless things.
      • Added a new function called CurrentRowIndexInGroup.
      • SafeDivide – This was changed to an overloaded function.  The original function which took two parameters will stay the same.  It will still return NULL (empty) when attempting to divide by 0.  However there is now another SafeDivide function that can take 3 parameters…where the third parameter allows you to return the number you want if attempting to divide by 0.
    9. Process Scheduler
      • WSI now has the ability to create “report parsers” which are custom made for each client and type of report (plain text or custom excel reports).  These parsers can be used to import data into from reports.
    10. BI Scorecard Details
      • Changed the default value for the scorecard level end to 9
      • Changed the default scorecard to be based on the best security level (if any) before choosing one without any security levels
      • The page will now auto-load the data vs requiring the user to click on reload data on page load
    11. Framework Change
      • was using an eraser button as a separate control on non-required drop downs to allow users to clear the drop down.  This is still there but has now been changed to a button that is actually attached to the drop down control.  This simplifies the control and fixes sizing issues that were happening on different types of themes.  It still functions exactly the same from the users point of view.
      • A number of views used by the pivot and reports now include (if they were showing cost centre):
        • Cost Centre Alias
        • Cost Centre Sector
        • Short Cost Centre
        • Manager Responsible