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WSI Robot – 03 – Setup Target Application

The WSI Robot needs to know which application to enter data into.  This is called the Target Application.
To setup the target application please do the following things:
1) Startup the target application.  In my case I opened an application I created called the “Test Simulator”
2) Open the WSI Robot and go to the Target Applications tab.  Make sure no applications are selected.
3) Go to the App Inspector tab.  Click Refresh.  It should now show you all applications currently open on your computer.  Look through the list and find the application that looks like the application you want.  If your not sure, right click on that application and click Find Options -> Bring Forward/Activate Application.  If the application that you are interested in comes to the front of the screen, you correctly found the right entry.

4) Right click on the parent record in the app inspector that represented your target application and select Target Application -> Add To Target Application

Once you have added the application to the Target Applications tab, you should see it in the grid.

Now select the new row and select Activate Target Application – Show In App Inspector.
This will make it so that the App Inspector only shows you the target application you are interested in…vs seeing all window handles for all applications running on your computer.