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Release Notes

Release Executive Summary

Version adds minor enhancements and bug fixes to the release.

Release Date: February 23, 2023

Last Updated: April 18, 2023

Bug Fixes

  1. Code Tables
    • Asset Types and Asset Class Types
      • Added missing mandatory depreciation secondary account columns
  2. Track Data Changes
    • Fixed an issue where the date couldn’t be converted automatically as the format was different than dates typically stored in the track data changes XML.
      Ex: 15/01/2014 11:48:23 AM
  3. Data Grids – Pressing DEL key on Lookup
    • In some cases when pressing the DEL key on your keyboard on a cell of an editable data grid where the cell contained a grid lookup edit it wouldn’t do anything.  This is because sometimes the users were technically not in edit mode but just clicking on the grid and other times they were in edit mode and selecting the grid lookup edit.  To fix this there is now an additional event to capture this DEL command so that the value of that cell can be deleted properly.
  4. Dynamic Controls – Various Pages
    • Fixed several pages that have dynamic controls (controls added at runtime via code) so that they are still available by the users to change within control properties (security, default state, etc.).  Previously these controls were invisible to the control properties.
  5. Projects
    • Fixed the delete on the projects screen as it wasn’t properly handling deletes in some simple cases and wasn’t checking for dependencies in others.
  6. Process Scheduler
    • Fixed the emailing bug with the process scheduler when sending large emailed reports would sometimes cause a timeout
  7. Voucher Management
    • Changed the manage vouchers page to show all posted records as read-only.  Only unposted records can be edited
    • Now allows for deleting unposted vouchers


  1. Framework
    • Changed the super tool tips default to show for longer.  Previously it would show for only 5 seconds before disappearing but for longer super tool tips this was nowhere near long enough to read all of the information.  Changed it to 30 seconds.
    • Add super tool tips (in system documentation) to several menu button utilities on pages such as: GL Budget, Salary Budget, and Reporting Groups.
  2. Utility Pages
    • Added the ability for certain drop downs that are dependent on others to only show relevant data.  For example all of the utilities that had a salary budget version drop down and a staffing worksheet drop down would be affected.  Previously if a site had a lot of versions they may see 100K+ records in the staffing worksheet drop down…however with a salary budget version selected they may now only see a few hundred/thousand.  This makes loading those utility pages much faster.
  3. User Cross Tabs
    • Changed the tab control pages for left hand grids: all presets, presets, etc. to show at the top left of the screen instead of the bottom left to be more consistent with the rest of the system
  4. View Source Data
    • Changed the tab control pages for left hand grids: all presets and presets. to show at the top left of the screen instead of the bottom left to be more consistent with the rest of the system
  5. Capital Assets
    • Cloning row will no longer copy accumulated depreciation or cost adjustments
      • Cloning the new row will retain the purchase date and estimated end of life date as items can be related when purchased together
    • Added a YTD calculation for asset cost & depreciation for current fiscal year so numbers can be validated during the year or entire year
    • Expanded Asset master to include cost centre coding for funding and funding cumulative balance sheet, funding secondary, retired type, funding type, number of units, tag for review,  adjust depreciation schedule, and track if estimated life changed in order to activate a depreciation recalculation even without a cost adjustment.   Also added  revised schedule date for sites that do not submit a cost adjustment as medi-tech simply divides the balance of month left in life of asset creating a modified (accelerated) depreciation schedule.
    • Capital Asset Audit: Added this new page to assist identifying issues within the Capital Asset module.  As with Budget audit, rules can be added without a release change.
  6. Special Row-Level Security Logic – Budget Activity
    • In the code tables’ system parameters page there are now two new variables which allow a site to enforce row-level locking when using either the Budget Activity screen or the Budget Reason Activity screen.  Assuming one of the activity screens is being used…the insert/update/delete on the GL Budget and Salary Budget pages can now be prevented for versions that are being used on the Budget Activity screens for approved cost centres where the user’s approval level is worse than the currently specified approval level.  The two new variables are:
      • use_ba_cc_security – Use Budget Activity Cost Centre Security (preventing budgeting edits)
      • use_bract_cc_security – Use Budget Reason Activity Cost Centre Security (preventing budgeting edits)
  7. Cube Management
    • Cube Audit
      • Improved the cube audit checking for missing view levels
    • Added super tool tips to several buttons
    • Added a label to the cube management screen on the variables tab to explain how to update calculated column/band captions and replacement variables
  8. Budget Activity and Budget Reason Activity
    1. Add hints the add missing items button and the change approver buttons
  9. GL Budget
    • Fixed sort order on GL account summary to be by secondary account first
    • Expanded Job Cost code column to A30 to align to other related coding tables
  10. Process worksheet with Snap Shot – How to Use
    1. From a stable calculation state,
      1) Make Changes to salary budgeting as normal
      2) Calculate with Snapshot enabled (checked)
      3) View changes with series GL Budget Difference on either a. View Source data b. Crosstab or c.  Report writer
  11. Salary Budget
    • Added a Find Cost Centre By Worksheet ID Dialog option. Located under the reload data buttons’ down arrow
    • Changed the calculated data logic on the C tab so that when switching between the A and C tabs it should switch faster
    • Added the process worksheet with snapshot and related screens (such as the new view source data screen page to show the differences)
    • Added worksheet item grid notes and attachments
    • Added “Report a benefit as an earning”, similar approach to Report Earning as a benefit. 
    • Added functions for salary calculations; has earning amount and has benefit amount to assist with custom formula
  12. Capital Project Budgeting
    • Added automation to set defaults when creating new projects for:
      • Project Cross reference
      • GL Budget account 
  13. Reports
    1. To handle unusual special report cases there is now a special generic table in the system which can be loaded with data on the fly from procedures designed by WSI staff for specialized customer reports.  Typically once this has been setup by WSI staff, users will be able to configure the final specialized report and run on demand using the process scheduler without requiring a new client release.  Customer specific reports will be created as needed.