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WSI Robot – 06 – Run Robot

After everything has been setup (database connections, target applications, profiles, steps) you are now ready to run the WSI Robot.

Testing – Partial Run

1) Open the Target Application
2) Open the WSI Robot and go to the profiles tab.  Select the profile you wish to run
3) Go to the Run Robot tab
4) Select Partial Run and specify the max number of records to be something small like 2-10 records.
5) Wait and see how things are running.  If you need to stop the robot at any time, simply click on the Stop button OR use the CTRL-SHIFT-X command (the WSI Robot is listening for this command in order to perform the stop cation (same as the stop button)
6) After the run is done please verify manually that the new records were successfully entered and saved in the system

Full Run

When running the robot as a full run you will perform the same steps listed above as the partial run except you want to uncheck the partial run checkbox.  If data-entry is going to take a long time it is recommend that the computer be setup so that it doesn’t go to sleep or lock out the user (computers are often locked automatically after so many minutes of inactivity).