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Release Notes

Release Executive Summary

Version fixes bugs and has enhancements for the release.

Release Date: March 20, 2024

Last Updated: March 20, 2024

Bug Fixes

  1. GL Budget
      • Fixed up the save logic for the manage and power user line item grids to handle assigning and unassigning allocations as some records are created/deleted via a DB trigger.
    • BI Scorecard Detail
      • Added row-level security to the procedure that generates data for this screen.  Originally this screen was only visible to power users…but now managers can use the screens so row-level security needed to be implemented for it.


    1. Landing Pages
      • Changed the landing pages navigation bar to show tooltip for each of the pages.
      • Fixed the landing page so that when filtering by a cost centre or a detail tree node with a single cost centre, the right grids’ cost centre column will be hidden.
      • Fixed the band labels to include the full fiscal year description and not just the fiscal year begin year.
        • Ex: 2023 – GL Period 9
          Is now
          Ex: 2023-2024 – GL Period 9
    2. GL Budget
      • Updated the GL Budget page for both the manager grids and power users grids to have a move line item to a new account.
    3. Salary Budget
      • Added on Tab C Salary Master a new option called: Linkable to Selected Worksheet.  This means not linked but matches on Cost Centre and Employee Class Group for this worksheet.
    4. Administration Tab – New Page
      • Added the Tables/Columns captions – Users can now manage the captions for both English/French captions.  This is used on things like lookups…so if you need to change the captions on a lookup used throughout the system, then this is where you would do it.
    5. Reporting Groups
      • Added a new feature where saved ranges are being stored in the tree details.  This will allow users to re-add ranges so that trees can automatically be updated without manual intervention.  On each of the reporting groups’ pages, they now have a new options button called:  “Run Saved Detail Add Ranges”.  This option is also available in the process scheduler.
    6. Process Scheduler
      • Created a new type of job for multi-file imports.  This specifically handles scenarios where users need to break up their imports by pay period and have to load many files at one time.  This is used to “stage” all of these files into a single database table so that it can be properly transformed/imported into
      • The “missing parameters” checkbox has been enhanced to be colored in with a red background as well as the command parameters whenever users forget to specify parameters.  The command parameters column although read-only will now display “double click to specify parameters” as text over the cell whenever parameters are missing.  The missing parameters columns for data import, export, and multi-file-import profiles will also highlight red when missing (not set correctly).
    7. Main Form
      • Unlicensed pages will now be visible on the main forms (for users whose security level would normally be able to see it) but will be disabled instead of hidden completely.  This is being done so that users are aware of potentially useful features that they may not have access to.
    8. User Cross Tab
        • The save preset now presents a confirmation dialog box that verifies that the user wishes to save the preset.  This was done so that users don’t accidentally overwrite a user preset